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Book Tour

Country Bookshop Saturday March 31st

Come join us! I’ll be there to share stories in my book Honest Eating.

Authors in the Country…Bookshop

03/31/2012 11:00 am
03/31/2012 2:00 pm

Join us for a day to celebrate local talent. Local authors will be on hand to discuss and sign their books. Contact the Country Bookshop for details!

Remember to SHOP LOCAL!

140 NW Broad St
Southern Pines,
North Carolina
United States

Whole Foods Raleigh, Thursday Mar 22, 2012

Developing a Healthier Relationship with Eating

Jane McClaren, author of “Honest Eating”
7:00 – 8:00 pm

Lifestyle Center, Whole Foods Market, 3540 Wade Ave, Raleigh; phone 828-5805

Free; Pre-Registration Required by calling or visiting Customer Service

Do you struggle with food issues, and need some guidance to develop a healthier relationship with eating?  Join us for this insightful presentation by Jane McClaren, author of “Honest Eating”.  Jane will share how she solved not only her emotionally driven over-eating issues, but also her diagnosed depression in her young adult years. It took education, observation, trial and error, and desire. Jane will confide to you her passage from out of control eating, so much so that she once put herself in hospital, to full knowledge of what it takes to understand, enjoy, and control our food relationship.

This will be eye-opening, and heart-warming. Bring a friend and let’s talk!


November good news!

My book is at UNC!

The head of Sports Medicine at UNC along with the sports nutritionist have decided that my book might help their students and student athletes. They are now distributing my book. What an endorsement! I’m really excited to be branching out into all sorts of directions helping people see that healthy is not boring, and that life can be great.

November 2010 UNC picks up my book!

Can you imagine my glee when the head of Sports Medicine at UNC told me he thought my book might help his athletes. He then sent it over to the sports nutritionist. She also liked my book, so . . .

They are distributing my book, Honest Eating, through their Sports Medicine and Student Health Center.

Promo Trip West

It all started in Franklin, TN. I walked to dinner the first night of my trip to a little restaurant called The Red Pony: www.redponyrestaurant.com/. What a great time I had with two gals waiting for their mates. The food was excellent. I had pork tenderloin with just the right amount of heat to the rub, greens prepared perfectly, onion, garlic, butter, cooked just ’till tender, well, it was a wow of a dinner. So we all gabbed, and got to know one another a little, and then they all sasid, the husbands, boy friends had arrived, that I must meet the chef.


“There are lots of (way too many) good books on eating your way to good health.  One of my favorites is Honest Eating: How to Love Food, Love Yourself & Love Life. McClaren recently spoke at an event in our area and she is funny, high energy and a real hoot. She’s also done all the hard work to research ways to keep your body healthy.  I recommend her book and she’d be a great speaker at any events you might want to host.”

KWMU, St. Louis on the Air, 7/27/2011

Please go to KWMU for my one hour interview with Don Marsh. He was perfect and the show went beautifully. I had such a good time. Have a listen. When you search Honest Eating just click on your type of computer.

Honest Eating – St. Louis Public Radio – St. Louis on the Air

Jane McClaren. Author Honest Eating: How to Love Food, Love Yourself, & Love Life

Honest Eating nominated for SIBA award 2011

Southern Independent Booksellers Association gathers nominees from across the Southeast. What a pleasant surprise to have been nominated for this prestigious award. You know, there are hundreds of thousands of new books published every year. Yes, the numbers are staggering, if not down right intimidating.

To be recognized in this way is not only encouraging, the nomination alone recognizes Honest Eating as something powerful, something of value, interest, and especially a book that is prepared, edited, and presented beautifully. Needless to say, I am very humbled and grateful for this recognition.

Watkins-Meegan July 2011, Bethesda, MD

What a great group at Watkins-Meegan! Lauryn and Rachael put together a beautiful lunch time event. They had live-feed to two other offices and the reception was not only warm and friendly, but enthusiastic and really engaged in the subject. I think I would like an accounting team like Watkins-Meegan behind me.

Every time I speak about Honest Eating I get really excited. “Changing How We Eat in America,” a title applied to my talks at the UMSL Humanities Conference, is really the point. Awareness, time management, conscious choices, and our power to change all become salient in my talks, and that inspires and engages my audience in the dialogue. What a gift!

May 14, 2011 Cary West Regional Library 1:30pm

May 14th come see me at the Cary West Regional Library. Don’t you just love being in a library surrounded by all those books, and people who love books? See you there!

Take a look at their link:  http://www.wakegov.com/libraries/locations/westregional/events.htm

April 30, 2011 Springfest at the Country Bookshop 11 to 2pm

On April 30th I’ll be signing copies of my book at our Southern Pines Springfest. See you all in front of the Country Bookshop! And, Happy Spring!

April 19, 2011 Belle Meade at 1pm

I’ll be speaking at Belle Meade here in Southern Pines, NC on April 19th. I am really looking forward to meeting with their dietitians, who I believe have seen my book. Maybe we’ll do a discussion together. Really looking forward to this event.



Honest Eating is on Kindle !

Check it out on Amazon: Start reading Honest Eating: How to Love Food, Love Yourself & Love Life on your Kindle in under a minute.

Don’t have a Kindle? Get your Kindle here, or download a FREEKindle Reading App.

March 26, 2011 Whole Foods Chapel Hill, NC

Wow, we broke the record, sold a lot of books in three hours and gathered some good networking. Another interesting place with lots of good energy. People here in NC really like good food. You know, people everywhere are really turning on to good food, the good food that tells the truth, as I say in my book.

March 12, 2011 Whole Foods Cary, NC

Another successful Whole Foods Market book event. I love meeting new people, and I love selling my book. It’s a win, win.