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Honest Eating at Joseph-Beth Booksellers

I am happy to report that Honest Eating is available at our local Joseph-Beth Booksellers here in Lexington, KY.

They do a great job with out of state sales; please contact them at your convenience.


I want to thank all the readers who send me notes of appreciation, joy,and renewed exuberance!

Honest Eating is still challenging us to take an honest look at our lives, and to change what we don’t like.

Happy Days! and Honest Eating, to Love Food, Love Yourself, & Love Life!


Why We Are Fat in America: Reason One

Ubiquitous bad food, drive into any town in America and you will drive down “food row.” Kentucky Fried Chicken, Arby’s, Burger King, Bojangle’s, McDonald’s, Ruby Tuesday’s, Applebee’s, Wendy’s, Pizza Hut, and more of the same cheap, preservative laden, highly processed, high fat, high salt, high sugar, unhealthy food. Some I understand are making efforts to curb the unhealthy trend, but I ask, what does McDonald’s put on their apple slices to keep them “fresh?” Do you really think they are going to throw away tons of apple slices gone bad?  Same goes for all those salads. What preservatives are keeping lettuces crisp and green? For the answer to that question, take a look:


America’s bad food is about profit folks, not your health, not for the health of our nation, not  for the health of the factory farmed animals, not for the health of our land source, or our planet. Ecologically all life, organisms and their sustenance suffer from our profit-over-health, quick-fix, fast food whirling out of control, American bad food.

So take control of your choices, they matter. Do not support America’s ubiquitous bad food. Use your computer to find local food sources. Shop from local farmers and eat in restaurants that support local and humane harvesting. While traveling take along a cooler stocked with fresh fruits, veggies, cheeses, nuts, peanut butter, and clean filtered water. Think in terms of organic, fresh, and local, all offering far better taste, the consequence being . . . Satisfaction, Satiation, and Empowerment! You are making our planet healthier, and you are making you and your neighbor healthier, and you are making your family healthier by choosing Goodness.

Not long ago I had a conversation with a manager of a local chain grocery store. He explained to me why the produce was tasteless, and shipped across oceans to get in his store. “Profit,” he said. “It’s all about profit, not quality.” It’s about profit, not freshness, not humane practices, not in the interest of our nations health, and certainly not in the planet’s health. “It’s all about numbers, and profit.”

Chew on this for a while and next week I’ll talk about Reason Two.

It’s the Holidays! How to Balance Indulgence and Health


Patrick asked me this question on our radio show, WPTF, Mondays, 11:45am, Raleigh, NC, “How do we balance our indulgences over the holidays?”

Well, I am the trickster of food, and the magician of health over incredible temptations, because I love food. Weighing in at 123 for the last twenty years, at 5″6″, here’s how:

The rabbit and the hat of this magic are: math acumen and calorie know how.

A knowledge of chess helps.

Because, it’s all about maneuvering.

Here’s the deal in a nutshell. There is a lot of fat, the highest caloric food group, 1 ounce equals 100 calories, in holiday meals. Examples:

1) cheese as in simple squares or slices,cheeseballs, logs, and dips, 1 square/slice=100 calories

2) gravy,  1 tablespoon=100 calories, we ususally use a 1/4 cup or 400 calories per serving, is it on your turkey, your mashed potatoes?

3) sweets, pies, candies, cookies all made with butter from 100 calories per large carmel to 400 to 600 calories per 1/8 of a pie serving.

So we have choices to make, do we want the pie or the gravy; cheesy appetizers or gravy; cheesy appetizers or dessert? Pick your favorite and skip the others. Maneuver one fat item in the place of another, or two. Or, if you can’t stand to skip anything, cut it all in half! Those 400 calorie items add up fast!

The other piece of the chess game, the magic is this: energy in–energy out. Again, calorie knowledge is a must. Food=calories, exercise=burnt calories, or calories that are not stored in fat. So, move more as you eat more.

Simple tips for holiday indulgences. Best of all, exercise giving and gratitude!

Love to you all! Happiest of Holidays to you,

More later!



Iris Hunter’s Well Written Article in the Richmond Daily Journal



Thank you Iris!

Great Letter from a Nutrition, MS

I want to share this letter written to underline the authenticity of my book. The letter went to the head of Wellness for the State of NC where I am donating many books, and will be giving a talk on January 16, 2013:

Jane asked me to write down a few of my thoughts, thoughts I have shared with her, to share with others.  I am happy to do this!  My background includes an MS in Nutrition and 20+ years as a registered and licensed dietitian.


My review:


In her book, Honest Eating, Jane McClaren touches not only on good nutrition principles, but also on a more holistic view of weight loss and management.  She has done her homework and been successful herself on her journey of weight and life management, and she clearly knows that the two are connected.


Sometimes, health professionals talk only about their area of expertise.  This is understandable, but I know that knowledgeable professionals would all agree that weight management covers many different areas of expertise.  Jane talks about these various topics related to food choices and our relationship with food, and shows the reader how they are connected.  Better still, Jane provides a model of accepting, planning, loving, and setting new patterns to achieve the goals of weight loss and maintenance.


Jane McClaren has a lovely writing style that is very engaging for her readers.  I loved the book. I wish I had written such a book!  But, thankfully, Jane did take the time to put all her thoughts to paper and organize them in a readable, entertaining, and useful way.


Imagine the money NOT needed for health care when readers apply the principles in Jane McClaren’s book, Honest Eating. As Jane writes, “It’s better to pay the grocer than the doctor!” (pg 27).  This book is absolutely worthy of a large distribution.


Vicky L. Thomas

RD, LD (retired)

LTC, US Army (retired)




“There are lots of (way too many) good books on eating your way to good health.  One of my favorites is Honest Eating: How to Love Food, Love Yourself & Love Life. McClaren recently spoke at an event in our area and she is funny, high energy and a real hoot. She’s also done all the hard work to research ways to keep your body healthy.  I recommend her book and she’d be a great speaker at any events you might want to host.”

KWMU, St. Louis on the Air, 7/27/2011

Please go to KWMU for my one hour interview with Don Marsh. He was perfect and the show went beautifully. I had such a good time. Have a listen. When you search Honest Eating just click on your type of computer.

Honest Eating – St. Louis Public Radio – St. Louis on the Air

Jane McClaren. Author Honest Eating: How to Love Food, Love Yourself, & Love Life

Honest Eating nominated for SIBA award 2011

Southern Independent Booksellers Association gathers nominees from across the Southeast. What a pleasant surprise to have been nominated for this prestigious award. You know, there are hundreds of thousands of new books published every year. Yes, the numbers are staggering, if not down right intimidating.

To be recognized in this way is not only encouraging, the nomination alone recognizes Honest Eating as something powerful, something of value, interest, and especially a book that is prepared, edited, and presented beautifully. Needless to say, I am very humbled and grateful for this recognition.

If You’re Looking for a Speaker

Honest Eating – Honest Living
In this signature presentation, which serves as the basis for all her talks, Jane shares some of the tools and tactics she’s incorporated on her path to physical and emotional wellness. She includes facts and statistics that encouraged her, as well as tips and strategies to help us all get motivated and enjoy our own journeys towards health, happiness, and a full and inspired a life.

In all of her talks, Jane explores:

  • Why conscious and conscientious eating is key to weight loss, increased energy and overall positive outlook on life.
  • How to create a healthy relationship with food and eating – one that reflects the kind of person we truly are, not what society and media tell is we “should” be.


“We were so pleased with Jane’s lively, personable delivery, and her inspirational speaking manner. Jane connected with our audience on a direct, personal level by engaging them and clearly taking each audience member seriously. She is well informed and prepared and comes across in an engaging and inspirational way. Audience members were eager to read her book to learn the details of her ideas.”
— Karen Lucas Associate Director Center for the Humanities University of Missouri-St. Louis

“Jane’s passion is electrifying, and her delivery is articulate with quick intelligent responses. Jane is a valuable and inspiring speaker.”
— Michelle Esswein, MBA Founder, President and CEO Winning Women

“Have you had one of those “ah-ha? moments? You know, the ones where you’re in total head-nodding agreement with what is being said? Well, that is how I felt listening to Jane speak . . . her conversation just grabbed me and kept me right at her side through her informative and comical journey – to wellness.”
— Sarah Adams Director of Community Relations Sentry Hill at York Harbor

“Jane flies straight to an ever present target, that of bettering and finding ourselves. I was moved by her struggle against depression and alienation, and salute her victory over pain. Jane reveals a remarkable humanity and spiritual insight.”
— Mr. Bill Willey, former CFO Pacific University

Southern Pines Radio

Jane McClaren, www.janemcclaren.com, joins Bill Sahadi to discuss her new book, Honest Eating, which encompasses a personal struggle shared, a behavioral primer, a love story, a cookbook, a purpose driven outline for healthier eating, a social commentary on the food industry and the humane & inhumane treatment of farm animals and its effect on our health. Airs 3-21-2011

January’s Event in the Pilot

“Lose Weight.” Year after year, Americans put this at the top of their list of New Year’s resolutions. They swear they’re “on the diet-wagon.” But it isn’t long before that wagon hits a bump or two and off they fall—usually right in front of a McDonald’s. “I have no ‘wagon’ in my life,” says Southern Pines resident and author of “Honest Eating: How to Love Food, Love Yourself and Love Life,” “and there doesn’t need to be one in yours.” Read the rest of this entry »

2010 Independent Book Festival – HONEST EATING wins Honorable Mention!

IBF Seal

Honorable Mention 2010

Just received an exciting email!  Here is what it had to say…

Congratulations to the 2010 Independent Book Festival Winners:

The Amazing Alexander
By Justin S. Meitz
Illustrations by Matthew c. Jones

Honorable Mention:
Sasha Snows
By Carolyn Morwick and Allison Scanlon
Illustrations by Randie Wasserman
The Butane Gospel
By Michael W. Hinkle
Honorable Mention:
Architect’s Rendition
By Herb Schultz
Winner: (there was a tie)
Starr Power Restorative Pilates for Cancer Survivors
By Starr Carson Cleary
The Dr. Erica Miller Story: from Trauma to Triumph
By Erica Miller
Honorable Mention:
Honest Eating
By Jane McClaren

July 18 – Pilot newspaper article

Special to the Pilot... A Southern Pines woman has written a stimulating primer on "Honest Eating." Subtitled "How to Love Food, Love Yourself and Love Life," the book is a real celebration of simple, good food, and demonstrates the way to achieving a healthy lifestyle while relishing food and life. Read the rest of this entry »

July 18 – A New Book About Good Food and Life

article in the Pilot... Read the rest of this entry »